who are we :

The addz platform specializes in publicizing social media accounts for content makers around the world.
We help you reach the largest number of people inside your country and around the world, after activating the VIP subscription
There is no need for many expenses, only $ 80 a year can make the difference in your social madia accounts.

Our goals:

We aim to provide advanced and new services that serve content makers in all platforms to always stay on the scene and make them maintain the strength of their influence.

Our message:
We always strive to satisfy you, my dear / dear famzer.

Our vision:
Everything is easy with "Clicks Fame"


VIP Famser Features:

-Give you a premium VIP membership within the "Clicks Fame" platform for your page by appearing frequently within the platform.
- Support your broadcast on the Tik Tok platform in challenges.
- Add to your Tik Tok account, from our Tik Tok account, to follow broadcasts and challenges. Publish your content page and your accounts on social media platforms through Arab and foreign celebrities
- Advertise your content and events page on social networking sites on social networks
- Advertise your content that you provide in large accounts on social media platforms.
Advertise your content on large Facebook groups
Advertise your content on the main Telegram channels

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